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As a community interest company (CIC), MALINAO provides resources to local communities in the Philippines for the purposes of local development, education, and economic and social sustainability projects.

MALINAO invest 25% to 50% of its net profits in community development programs on a for-profit or non-profit basis.

MALINAO also provides an open community, a platform and a network through which we:

  • Promote social awareness, skill development and entrepreneurship
  • Conduct studies that contribute to the public’s awareness about social, cultural and any historical and current events, issues and challenges
  • Promote peaceful coexistence

To fund its activities, MALINAO provides business services, and produces, distributes and sells locally produced goods. MALINAO is engaged in partnerships with companies and organizations that want to invest in the future of local communities in the Philippines.

MALINAO, which means “peaceful” in Cebuano, was founded on January 29, 2021 in Sitio Malinao in Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines.