The Happy Tribe

Sitio Malinao, with its small community that is home to about 2,000 people, truly is a peaceful place to live (Malinao means “peaceful” in Cebuano).

Since the March 2020 “lockdowns” in the Philippines, also the people of Sitio Malinao have seen their livelihoods interrupted and even destroyed, especially the many families who rely on the tourism industry and the related businesses. Through it all, the community has remained peaceful and everyone, somehow, still stays happy. Which is actually typical for the rich and laid-back Filipino culture.


And that’s how MALINAO™, the brand and the community interest company (CIC), was born.

The idea is simple: Whatever happens in life, stay happy. Like the people of Sitio Malinao.

With MALINAO™ we spread happiness wherever we go. Both in the cities and the province regions that we visit and do business in.

The only subdivision that is located within Sitio Malinao, Sunrise Place, is the home of MALINAO™, The Happy Tribe, headquarters.